How To Choose An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration process involves a lot of paperwork and most people prefer doing it on their own. However, hiring immigration lawyers could help you deal with the stress that comes with the whole process while still boosting your chances of succeeding. However, even though hiring experts is the best option, it is not an easy process. You need to take your time and consider some factors to make the right choice. If you are looking for immigration lawyers in Manchester, these are the tips to use:

Ask for references

To make your search easier, you should start by asking references from your friends and family members who have had successful visa acceptances. This would help you narrow down your choices while still looking for a reputable immigration solicitor. It is obvious that your friends will refer you to a lawyer whom they’ve worked with and they know he or she will deliver. After you’ve a list of referral, you can then check their websites to see the services they offer, their location, contact details and nay other relevant information which can help you make up your mind.

National associations

You can also start your search on national associations by logging into their website i.e. British Immigration Lawyers Association (BILA). The members in these associations are entirely experts in immigration and they understand laws and policies involved in immigration and they could be of great help. While on the site, you can even be able to search for immigration lawyers found within your location to avoid transport costs. However, being a member of national associations is not a guarantee that a lawyer is competent. Therefore, you should consider other factors before choosing the solicitor to represent you.

Check credentials

If you are planning to hire immigration solicitors Manchester, you should keenly check their credentials because they can determine the fate of your application. Having an immigration lawyer with good credentials and success rate should be your main objective because it’s a guarantee you will get what you are really looking for. As an assurance, you should make sure that the lawyer has a good background information, a license to practice and any other necessary documents. You should never hire a lawyer without checking their credentials because you could end up with poor client representation and hence risk visa rejection. Also, you should make sure that the lawyer you are about to hire have never been subjected to disciplinary action to avoid messing up your immigration process.

Shortlist and interview

After you’ve made a list of the lawyers who have caught your attention after considering different factors, you should arrange for an interview to help you make the final decision. You should hire a lawyer who have handled a case like yours to have a better chance handling yours too. During the interview, you can also inquire from the lawyers past clients so that you can speak to them to help you decide. An interview is very important because you will learn a lot about the lawyer, their skills, ethics and professionalism.


You should also choose your lawyer basing on the fees they charge. They should be charging you an affordable fee to avoid you straining when you hire them. Also, you should check whether they charge any additional charges e.g. courier fees, postage costs, transport costs etc. to make sure that you don’t have extra charges. Finally, you should note that lawyers have different methods of charging their clients. You can be charged on hourly basis or at a fixed rate. You should know which is convenient for you depending with your budget and needs.